Primary school Practice english in a fun...

Rentrer à l’école primaire à West Point, école bilingue franco-anglaise, c’est bénéficier d’un atout formidable : apprendre très rapidement une autre langue en étant immergé une demi-journée dans l’écoute et l’apprentissage de l’anglais. Ainsi, le programme scolaire est mené à haut niveau

The First Year of Primary (CP)

As of CP, the French and English teachers decide to elect a class prefect. They are chosen based on good behaviour, work efforts and social integration and not necessarily by the student's grades. For a week, the prefect helps the teachers with class tasks.

In French, the program consists of :

  • Learning to read using the syllabic method.
  • Mathematics.
  • Learning to write and copy using the cursive method.
  • Learning and reciting poems
  • Reading comprehension.
  • Learning the structure of the language in the oral and written form
  • Morals.

In English :

  • Development of listening, dialogue.
  • Acquisition wider vocabulary.
  • The student begins to copy.