Bilingual School Learn English as of the age of 2...

West Point is a French/ English Bilingual School that offers an opening to the world through the teaching of English in a playful and creative manner from an early age. The presence of two teachers (Francophone & Anglophone) are important benchmarks for the child who becomes accustomed to various accents and languages.


In Pre-School / Nursery

Entering pre-school / nursery is an important step for children and their development. It is a moment of socialisation, discovery of oneself and the school environment. West Point adapts to each child and organises specific learning objectives that they will acquire as they learn to live together. Children start their first years at school in a fun way:

  • Fun and creative activities to mobilize language in all its dimensions and explore the world and the seasons
  • Vocabulary development
  • Reacting, expressing and understanding through physical and artistic activities
  • Learning the rules of class life, codes of politeness and living together
  • Development of hearing and adapting skills through stories and songs
  • Pre-math notions: notion of time, days, months
  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Discovery of reading and the function of writing from the GS

In Primary School

In primary school, students gradually acquire the skills and knowledge needed to master the “basic objectives”. It is the body of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to succeed one’s education as an individual and as a future citizen.

French language teachers work on the following subjects (some examples, the programme being naturally much broader):

  • French language: literacy, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, poetry, dictation, writing, oral...
  • Mathematical concepts: numbers, calculation, geometry, reasoning, problem solving, measurements and quantities...
  • Moral and civic education: development of the person and the citizen, representations of the world and human activity...


  • For the past 40 years, students who have attended school at West Point have demonstrated excellent results for the transition to the 6th grade and are well accepted by the top middle schools of Lyon.
  • Community Cerification: Internet Permit, Bike Permit...