Nursery & Pre-School Learn English from 2 years on...

West Point is a French/ English Bilingual School that offers an opening to the world through the teaching of English in a playful and creative manner from an early age. The presence of two teachers (Francophone & Anglophone) are important benchmarks for the child who becomes accustomed to various accents and languages.

The First Year of Nursery

The Nursery School consists of two classes: PS1 (ages two and three) and PS2 (ages three and four).

Basic Learning Objectives :

  • Socialising: playing games and sharing with others,
  • Language development: singing, rhymes, asking questions,
  • Motor skills: basic coordination skills including fine motor (using pencils, scissors etc.) and gros motor (balancing, throwing, catching),
  • Writing: holding a pencil correctly, colouring, painting,
  • Pre-mathematics: counting one to one, sizing, ordering,
  • Creative activities: drawing, painting, modelling clay, collage, tactile play …