Nursery & Pre-School Learn English from 2 years on...

West Point is a French/ English Bilingual School that offers an opening to the world through the teaching of English in a playful and creative manner from an early age. The presence of two teachers (Francophone & Anglophone) are important benchmarks for the child who becomes accustomed to various accents and languages.

The Second Year of Nursery

In MSM (ages 4 and 5) the children continue to develop the basic skills they have learned during their first year at school. Each child will develop at an individual rate which will be constantly monitored by the teacher. The children begin to focus on completing work independently.

Other Class Objectives :

  • Developing self-awareness.
  • Pre-Mathematics.
  • Handwriting: Improving their fine motor skills.
  • Extra school activities: Students are introduced to several sporting and cultural activities that are offered during the lunch break. These include music, an Indians club, mini-tennis and mini-sport.