Bilingual school English - French in Lyon

Located in Lyon, West Point welcomes children from nursery to the end of primary school. Thanks to the way we function with our half-day in English and French as well as our educational support, children develop hearing and adaptation skills that allow them to make other learning acquisitions faster at a later age.

Some dates:

  • 1980 : Creation of the school by Mr Edward Charles Reddock at Vaise (Lyon 9th district.)
  • 1983 : The school grows  and the primary school is set-up at « La Tour de Salvagny » while the pre-school stays at Vaise.
  • 1993 : A step further. With the construction of the ring road in the North of Lyon thet crosses the site at Vaise, the school must move : The Primary and Pre-school unite at  15 rue de la Garenne, Lyon in the 5th district.
  • 2015 : Arrival of the new School Director M. Jean-Pierre Chabrier, following the retirement of Mr Edward Charles Reddock.

 West Point is also ...

  • 40 years of experience
  • +350 students from nursery to grade level 5
  • 80 % enrollments from French  families
  • 20 % enrollments from different nationalities
  • 45 staff members of which there are 23 teachers

"A good school which cares about children, quality teachers from the Kindergarten to Year 5. My children love their teachers and the members of the school. There is a good working atmosphere in the recognition of each individual. Extra-curricular ctivities within the school as well as a flexibility on the hourly amplitudes make life easier for parents."

Alexandra Bellamy, parent of student, year 2018-2019.

"We are satisfied with the teachers (French in the morning and native English in the afternoon), the educational program and the educational staff who are exceptionally adorable with children; our child is very fulfilled and we are surprised because from kindergarten he starts in everyday life to put out some "phrasal verb" and other expressions in English."

Thierry Chatelard, parent of student, year 2018-2019.