Bilingual school Anglo-French in Lyon

Teaching at West Point

L’enseignement à West Point, école bilingue franco-anglaise, est axé sur l’ouverture vers une culture internationale alliant l’acquisition d’une scolarité classique en français et l’apprentissage de l’anglais.

La scolarité bilingue franco-anglaise de la maternelle au primaire s’organise quotidiennement à raison d’une demi-journée de français dispensé par des enseignants diplômés et selon le programme officiel académique.

A West Point, nous portons une attention particulière au développement de chaque enfant. C’est ainsi que l’enseignement de l’anglais est adapté en fonction notamment de la classe dans laquelle l’enfant rejoint West Point. Il en va de même pour le français si cela est nécessaire.

Les points forts :

  • modularité et adaptabilité de l’enseignement de l’anglais en fonction du niveau de l’enfant,
  • aide personnalisée proposée si besoin pour améliorer le niveau de l’enfant,
  • être à l’écoute du développement de chaque enfant,
  • proposer une large gamme d’activités extra scolaires.

‚ÄčLearning English

At West Point, children who are non-native speakers of English learn English progressively at a level that best suites them.

If a child joins West Point in nursery, their level of English will improve thanks to the curriculum based programs that are setup for each age group.

If a child joins West Point in primary school, they have the opportunity to be placed in a class based on their English level and not necessarily on their age group .Therefore the child will be be brought up to the class level within a positive learning atmosphere.

As of nursery, children spend half their day within a totally English environment (native English speaking teachers) with playful and creative activities which allow them to quickly learn a wide range of vocabulary.

Being immersed in another language at such an early age, develops their listening and comprehension skills. This not only enriches their use of English but also their ease in the daily use of the English language.This not only enriches their use of English but also their ease in the daily use of the English language.

Our aim is to have the students familiarize themselves with general contexts of communication: : having short conversations, reading different kinds of information (signs, books, catalogs etc...), writing letters, messages or e-mails.The constant practice of oral or written comprehension, will take them from simple oral repetitions to true oral exchanges. We expect that the learning of a foreign language will reinforce their understanding of the French language by pointing out the common aspects and differences between the two languages. This exposure will also open their minds to another culture.

Diplomas / Certificates

  • From an English exam CE2 is proposed and led by a Cambridge professorIn CE2, « Starters » ; in CM1, « Movers » ; in CM2, le « Flyers ».

Learning French

At West Point, the learning of reading and writing begins in kindergarten / reception class.

For over 29 years, the students who leave West Point after having completed their last year of studies, attain excellent results for their transition on to year 6 (11years old).

The learning of French by English students or those of other nationalities, follow the same guidelines of immersion as that of the French learning English. Extra lessons can be organised for students having difficulties or needing reinforcement in French. They may also follow French in a different class that corresponds to their level of fluency in the language, which permits the students to be at ease in the classroom.

Diplomas / Certificates

  • Students in CM2 (10 years old) are prepared for their entry to year 6. Our students are accepted based on their school records, to junior schools of high standing in Lyon.

Being exposed to other languages

At West Point, we believe that being multilingual is necessary for our children's future.

On Wednesday mornings, the students of CM1 and CM2 (8-10 years old) have a the choice of Spanish or Germanlessons for 1 ½ hours. In CM1 they begin with an introductory level and in CM2 they have the choice of changing languages or continuing with the second year of the same language. Like our English classes, Spanish and German are taught by native speakers of the language.

"Multilingual is necessary for our children's future".

New students who join West Point at this level may also have the opportunity to do English reinforcement classes while the other students are in Spanish or German.

Students having difficulties in French or English at their class level, may also have reinforcement sessions while the rest of the students are in their other language class.

Other workshops

Time is taken throughout the program to study other subject areas such as Sciences, in English and French.

Each year, teachers base their program on a different theme. The children will develop a vast understanding of the subject due to their active participation during school outings and field-trips. Students also profit from parent participation as well as sessions given by other professionals (according to the children's age level). Road Safety is taught in CM1 & CM2 by a police officer who comes in to explain matters of safety by introducing road signs and regulations. Lessons are based on daily situations faced by students when when coming to or leaving school. Students are tested at the end of the course and receive a permit if they pass.

"Chacun des modules abordés est l’occasion de construire des connaissances nouvelles."

Other workshops

Creative arts: students learn to express their creativity through using different methods and materials. Activities are based on seasonal themes.

Physical Education & Sports are also implemented according to the class levels. Students develop their gross motor skills: movement, balance, manipulation, throwing and catching skills. They are taught to follow game rules and be responsible for their own actions. They also learn to take their turn and try their best. Each lesson allows them to acquire new rules and improve their coordination skills . A choice of judo or dance and a bi-weekly sports lesson are a part of the program.