Nursery & Pre-School Learn English from 2 years on...

West Point is a French/ English Bilingual School that offers an opening to the world through the teaching of English in a playful and creative manner from an early age. The presence of two teachers (Francophone & Anglophone) are important benchmarks for the child who becomes accustomed to various accents and languages.

The Nursery School

Starting school is an important part of every child's life. They begin to socialize and discover about themselves and the world around them.

West Point French/English Bilingual School offers an opportunity to discover a second language at an age when children are most receptive. Having two teachers, one English speaking and one French, helps the child to develop important speaking and listening skills in a well balanced caring atmosphere.

"West Point offers a child based environment and is adapted to the well being of the child."

The Nursery School

Our bilingual learning method is based around total immersion in both languages. The children spend half their day in English and half in French, which helps them quickly acquire the basic skills needed to progress through their language studies.

These cognitive skills form the first stepping stones to language based learning in later life.

West Point offers a child based environment and is adapted to the well being of the child.

Les points forts de la maternelle à West Point :

  • Des effectifs réduits (25 enfants au maximum).
  • Accueil de toutes les nationalités dès 2 ans.
  • Temps de repos après le repas.
  • Apprentissage de la lecture et de l’écriture à partir de la GSM.
  • Enseignement bilingue assuré exclusivement par des anglophones.