Bilingual School Learn English as of the age of 2...

West Point is a French/ English Bilingual School that offers an opening to the world through the teaching of English in a playful and creative manner from an early age. The presence of two teachers (Francophone & Anglophone) are important benchmarks for the child who becomes accustomed to various accents and languages.


In Pre-school / Nursery

Joining pre-school school at West Point, a bilingual French-English school, is a tremendous asset: learning another language very quickly by being immersed for half a day and learning through the English language. Students are introduced to basic situations of communication.

The acquisition of English for non-English speaking children is done gradually at each class level and follows the same learning objectives as in French class. Each pre-school class consists of a native English speaking teacher and a teacher’s aide as a support in class for children in the following learning:

  • Becoming a student: rules of class life, codes of politeness in English and community good manners
  • Acquiring a language: hearing skills, pronunciation, vocabulary, English expressions ...
  • Discover the world: exploration and pre-mathematics
  • Understand, feel, imagine, create: musical education and visual arts
  • Move and express yourself with your body
  • As of GS: prepare for handwriting (graphic initiation)
  • As of GS: Phonetics to learn the process of reading

In Primary

Hearing another language at an early age allows students to familiarize themselves with basic communicative situations: starting a small dialogue, reading information, writing a message etc. Regular and methodical training of listening and comprehension will guide them from simple repetition to real conversations.

Teaching through the English language strengthens the pupils' skills to communicate and live within a multi-lingual society. It strengthens their relations with the world and participates in their self-construction. The entry into all other educative institutions is smooth as the child uses their acquired learning skills to develop new ones. This immersive learning environment will also broaden the students’ cultural horizons.

Native English speaking teachers teach the following subjects ( a few examples as the curriculum is vast)

  • Discover English Literature
  • Developing oral exchange and dialogue skills
  • Development of critical & written skills ( grammar, syntax, vocabulary)
  • Reading fluency and Reading Comprehension
  • Anglo-Saxon culture: songs & poems and activities based on seasonal themes
  • Understanding societies through time and space in:  History and Geography
  • Information and communications technology- ICT in English ( Word , PowerPoint etc)
  • Biology and natural science

Diplomas & Certifications:

  • Cambridge Certification as of CE2 / grade 3
  • After entering West Point, children reach an A1/A2/B1 level in English by the end of their studies
  • B2i - ICT Certification: acquisition of ICT skills thus ensuring digital literacy