Primary school Practice english in a fun...

Rentrer à l’école primaire à West Point, école bilingue franco-anglaise, c’est bénéficier d’un atout formidable : apprendre très rapidement une autre langue en étant immergé une demi-journée dans l’écoute et l’apprentissage de l’anglais. Ainsi, le programme scolaire est mené à haut niveau

The Primary School

Children who join West Point at the primary level still benefit from its bilingual structure. Students learn English very quickly as they are immersed for half day within a totally English environment.

"The school curriculum is taught to a high standard."

French grammar & spelling as well as Mathematics are taught by the French teachers while English grammar, History and Geography are taught by the English teachers.
The school follows the official National curriculum.

The school curriculum is taught to a high standard. The Student's learning is reinforced with French homework and weekly tests in both languages. At the end of each trimester, the students are tested and evaluated in French.

The advantages of the Primary School at West Point :

  • Follow the official National curriculum,
  • Reinforce both independence and group work,
  • A large number of sporting activities.