Learning English in primary school
at West Point

English language assimilation in primary school sees students further develop their comprehensive skills whereby conversation is beginning to be possible. Students start to engage in small dialogue, read information, write and more. Regular and methodical training in speaking and listening leads students to start speaking intuitively as opposed to rote repetitions.

Our teaching method focusing on consolidating students’ skills and competencies for them to have a practical and functional use of the English language. Language is taught practically in relation to society, settings, and context. Children’s proficiency and skills in French helps to facilitate the acquisition of English, in short, the child uses one language to develop then second.
Here are some examples of the subjects/activities explored in English:

  • English literature
  • Development of oral comprehension and expression
  • Development of written expression (grammar, syntax, vocabulary)
  • Learning to read and reading comprehension
  • Anglo-Saxon culture: songs, poems and themed activities.
  • Understanding of societies in time and space: history and geography
  • Computer processing in English (Power Point, Word …)
  • Natural Sciences