The West Point School timeline

  • 1980: Foundation of the school by an Englishman, in Vaise (Lyon 9th).
  • 1983: The school grew, and the primary moved to La Tour de Salvagny while the kindergarten remained in the premises of Vaise.
  • 1993: With the construction of the Boulevard Périphérique Nord in Lyon which passes over the Vaise site, the school had to be relocated and so the Primary section and Kindergarten were united at 15 rue de la Garenne, Lyon 5th (between Francheville, Tassin and St Foy).
  • 2015: Arrival of the new Director of the school Mr. Jean-Pierre Chabrier, following the retirement of the founder.
  • 2018: Management taken over by his daughter, Mrs. Cindy Thomasset.

The figures…

  • 40 years of existence
  • +350 students from TPS to CM2
  • 80% of French families
  • 20% of families of different nationalities
  • 45 team members including 23 teachers