Welcome to West Point, a private international bilingual school, located in Lyon – welcoming children of all nationalities from all over the world. Our curriculum offers teaching in both English and French from nursery until the end of primary school.

Vue extérieure de l’école Westpoint à Lyon 5

West Point was founded in the 1980s with the objective of providing a French – English bilingual education that not only provides an education for children to learn and flourish but also the skills and knowledge to prepare them for a successful adult life.

Our dedication to delivering excellent bilingual education spans over 40 years. During this time our traditional values of respect, courtesy and tolerance have been embedded in the very core of all of our practices and will continue to be for future generations.

Our school continues to strive to go above and beyond in offering the very best in dynamic progressive teaching – shaping the way to a bright future for our students.

Here at West Point nothing is more important than the comfort and well-being of our students – we are committed to creating a safe, healthy and invigorating environment where children can thrive.

Union Jack flottant au vent

A good school that listens to children, quality teachers from the small section to CM2. My kids love their teachers and school members. There is a good working atmosphere in the recognition of individuals. The extra-curricular activities within the school as well as flexibility on the working hours make life easier for parents.

parent of student, Grade-4

A big thank-you ! West Point School provided our children with more than expected education. The bilingualism is up to what we expected to return to the United States thereafter. The quality of service is also highly appreciated.

parent of student, grade-5

Hello, we wanted to send you a HUGE THANK YOU for everything you do for our children! It’s amazing ! I already knew that you love your students … But there, the proof is irrefutable. We follow your lessons to the letter and your fun guidelines too.


parent of student, grade-1

I thank you for everything you do.
Thank you also to the mistresses, to the whole team for this incredible work !!! I am really proud that my children are at West Point. Thank you very much 🙂 Hope to see you very soon.
Courage and rest well during this more than deserved vacation.

parent of student, grade-2

Thank you again for being here to support us caregivers. You are doing a wonderful job for our children.

Good luck to you because we are well aware that it is not easy for you too.

parent of student, pre-school

Just a little hello from Ella and Ernest and you thank Sandrine Barbier, Miss Clements, Miss Baretto, Madame Dumont and Madame Tourais for the work and organization of our virtual school. I do not underestimate the amount of work and the difficulty of setting up such a program. We can do intelligent and efficient work every morning thanks to the good humor and professionalism of your team.

It’s really reassuring to entrust our children to a school like West Point.
I charge you to pass this testimony on to whom it may concern as well as to the school administration. Hope to see you again, I hope as soon as possible anyway. Children complain that they no longer see you and their teachers.

parent of student, grade-2 and grade-4

Hello from Switzerland which is not confined with as much vigor as in France … I wanted to tell you all my admiration for the way you have taken the measures and actions to continue your lessons with your students. This proves, if it still had to be done, that you are a school entirely dedicated to its students, anxious to continue your teaching despite the difficulties which makes the reputation of your school. For that, I would like to personally congratulate and thank you.

Parent of student, grade-5

Excellent school! I am delighted with the education, values ​​and listening of this school. A multicultural and international approach is instilled in the children. We highly recommend West Point to parents.

parent of student, kindergarten

We are satisfied with the teachers (French in the morning and native English in the afternoon), the educational program and the educational staff who are exceptionally adorable with the children; Our child is very happy and we are surprised because from kindergarten he begins in everyday life to release some “phrasal verb” and other expressions in English.

parent of student, kindergarten