26 January 2022

New challenge for Les Lionceaux du 5ème

Our students, new faces of the Children's District Council.

We are happy to announce the decision of the town hall of the 5th to create a Children’s Council.

This aims to initiate and train young people in citizenship, to debate on various subjects and to understand the issues that concern them. This Council is made up of CM1 and CM2 students from several 5ème establishments, including the West Point school.

The 16 elected students, including Victoria and Damien, met for their first plenary session on January 19!

Accompanied by the Mayor of the 5th arrondissement, the young elected officials received their tricolor scarves and expressed their ideas.

Ideas abound: organize sports meetings, create a vegetable garden in schools, create a skate park, increase the sorting bins.

After a secret ballot vote for the name of the promotion, “Les lionceaux du 5ème” are congratulated!

We happily support this program.