15 May 2023

The “Club du 5è” is back

New projects for the 5th District Children's Council ...

On the occasion of the 2nd year of the 5th District Children’s Council , 2 of our CM1 and CM2 students were elected to represent West Point School.

Throughout the year, the various elected officials from each school took part in several projects such as: Writing their charter for young elected officials, Visiting the town hall (knowing about the different services and how they work), Knowing the symbols of the republic and Building your ideal city (understanding how a city works, decision-making and new ideas).

The Club du 5è is the name of their CAE. They continue the momentum of the Lionceaux du 5è by evoking ideas and projects for a greener, more sustainable and festive city.

Thanks to Gabriel, Ilona, ​​Timéo and Apolline for their investment as delegates and substitutes.