Learning English in kindergarten
at West Point

Through immersion in children beg to understand basic words and phrases in English very quickly.

The acquisition of English for non-English speaking children is designed to be learnt gradually at each level of kindergarten and compliments the Theme in their French class. Each TPS / PS / MS class consists of a native teacher and an ATSEM to be able to support teaching and learning – allowing children to be in a safe and comfortable environment.

  • Children become accustomed to class rules, being polite and well-mannered according to English customs.
  • Assimilate the language: auditory skills, pronunciation, vocabulary enrichment, English expressions and more.
  • Discover the world and developing basic numeracy skills
  • Perceive, feel, imagine, create using music and visual arts
  • Act and expressing themselves with their body and senses.
  • From GS: preparing to learn to write (graphic initiation) and to read.