Learning French in kindergarten.

Kindergarten is an important step for a child’s development. This is the time for socialisation, self-discovery and the first big step into the world of schooling. West Point School is well equipped to welcome pre-school children organizes specific modules which makes learning fun and exciting!

  • Creative, dynamic activities are designed to develop language skills – children will begin to explore the world and all of its wonder.
  • Vocabulary is learnt using multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary approaches. For example, children are facilitated to be able to express themselves through physical games and activities. Artistic projects enable children to develop their imagination, thoughts and language.
  • Act, express themselves, understand through physical activity and artistic activities; helps develop interactions between action, sensations, imagination, sensitivity, thought and language.
  • Children learn to be kind, compassionate and respectful members of the West Point family.
  • Development of auditory skills are supported through stories and songs. Children begin to acquire the skills of structuring sentences. Sound and visual components of language are very important for young children to learn which is why the kindergarten program is underpinned by these fundamental skills and practices.
  • Numeracy focuses on developing the initial understanding of numbers as well as the days of the week, months, seasons etc…
  • In GS (Grand Section) there is an added emphasis on developing fine motor skills and the initial foundations of reading and writing.