Celebrations and Shows

In line with our cultural commitments we also celebrate many traditional festivals. We pay special attention to the anglophone festivals which allow us to teach English in context as well as pedagogically: festivals such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, St Patricks day, Guy Fawkes, Thanksgiving, Christmas, are explored through songs, the arts, and exciting presentations. Chinese New Year is another festival close to our heart at West Point thanks to our special relationship with our Chinese partner school.


Our bilingual end-of-year show is a fantastic opportunity for parents to see and celebrate the children’s progress where they will be entertained by song, dance, and festive cheer!

Continuing with our dedication to cultural enrichment we are also delighted to welcome professional approved children’s entertainers within our school: In the past we have enjoyed Ukrainian dance performances, traditional puppet shows and classic Irish music to name a few.


School trips provide unique opportunities for students to engage in a learning outside of the classroom environment, they encourage students to engage with people, places and buildings in a practical and invigorating way which is why every spring classes visit a farm, a medieval castle, caves, and national parks. *

*Trips are divided by age groups



West Point School is proud to be in partnership with an international school in Shanghai. CM2 Students are introduced to Chinese language, calligraphy, traditions, and rituals. Students write to a ‘pen pal’ and at the end of the year and have the opportunity to meet with their friend in person on a week’s exchange program.



An enormous highlight of the school year is the CE1 Ski trip in Megève. This wonderful long lasting bonding opportunity for staff and students serves to solidify and strengthen the West Point experience in alignment with our values. Students emerge from their adventure with a new sense of independence, resilience, and pride.


England here we come! Each year the CE2 English trip reinforces our mission to nurture and nourish our students in the bilingual curriculum that we have developed over many years. Finding themselves totally immersed in British culture, students are captivated by cultural activities (visits to London, Oxford, etc.); sporting activities (archery, canoeing, orienteering … by qualified local British practitioners), and language acquisition.

This trip is as rewarding as it is unforgettable.