Activities included in our program

At West Point, we believe that a balanced and varied approach plays an important role in a child’s physical, social and emotional development. West Point are delighted to be able to offer age-appropriate enriching activities within the areas of Culture, The Arts and Physical Education.

  • CULTURAL ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Drama (bilingual), English Media, discovering Chinese culture and digital media. (provided by external speakers and practitioners)
  • west Point physical education: Judo, rugby and badminton are just some of the many physical activities provided by our excellent P.E instructors. Throughout the year Children discover over fifteen different sports and practices pertaining to France, The United States, and other Anglo-Saxon countries; all this takes place at West Points large gymnasium and the grass field just in front of the school.
  • ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES INCLUDED IN OUR PROGRAM: Fine arts, modern art including comic/cartoon and music. (provided by external speakers and practitioners)