West Point Canteen
Homemade cooking & organic meals

At West Point we understand the importance of healthy, fresh produce which is why we only buy from local suppliers.  Our balanced seasonal menu is created by a qualified nutritionist offering wholesome well-suited meals that nourish our children.  West Point is also pleased to be able to provide a totally organic meal once a week

There are three daily meal services – monitored by West Point staff.

Education does not stop once the children leave the classroom, in fact during our themed weeks children discover an exciting variety of new foods – enticing their senses with colours, aromas and flavours. For example, during Chinese New Year, children enjoy learning to eat with chopsticks! We never miss anS opportunity to embed learning into our daily activities, which is testament to our commitment of promoting openness and cultural awareness.

Growing and learning together is at the heart of West Point, which is why we have our very own vegetable garden– a great hit with both children and staff! Located in primary schoolyard, radishes, fresh herbs, lettuce, and peas grow during the spring. Each class is tasked with planting the seeds, cultivating, and finally picking the fruits of their labour.